Magnetom Espree

Magnetom Espree

The First Open Bore MRI System

Siemens has combined, for the first time, a very wide 70 cm bore, a very short 125 cm magnet and a powerful performance of 1.5T to create something very revolutionary: Open Bore MRI. And Magnetom Espree has the power of TIM (Total Imaging Matrix).

The Espree’s extra-large opening means it can comfortably accommodate a variety of patients, including the anxious, large-sized, or anyone who just likes more space. And the Espree is the only machine where most of the exams can be done with your head not having to enter the MRI. In addition to Open comfort, the Espree also offers high-quality imaging for your doctor. Now you can both rest peacefully.

The Espree is a unique Siemens technology, which means

  • Faster, more precise results
  • No patient repositioning and
  • Shorter exam times.

Our Magnetom Espree provides up to 4-times higher signal-to-noise for superior image quality and greater diagnostic confidence. It's a level of image quality not seen before in Open MRI. The Espree offers, for the first time, CT-like comfort with true 1.5T high-field power. So it’s head-out and feet first for most exams.

Key Benefits

Idaho Medical Imaging's Espree MRI has exactly what patients want:

  • More headroom
  • More legroom
  • More comfort

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